2018 Hour Swim

4025 yards in an hour

I went 4025 yards in an hour! Wooo!  And apparently my sister knocked my water bottle in at some point… 🤔

As a masters coach I also like to participate in masters events.  Today, I did the 2018 ePostal 1 hour swim.  I somehow managed to get my stretch goal (thanks to my counter) of at least 4000 yards. These events don’t happen without support, so thanks to my sister for the great counting job!

I knew I could maintain the correct pace for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to hang on for the whole hour.  It was challenging and resulted in a substantial improvement from last year – which I swam cold turkey. I didn’t train for it at all last year. This year I’ve been swimming and doing OrangeTheory. I’ll post soon on how my own your own workout evolved.

Here’s my cumulative splits for each 500:

And a picture of me not drowning:

U.S. Masters Stroke Clinic Clinic

A couple of weekends ago I attended a US Masters clinic on how to put on a stroke clinic.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed learning their drill progressions.  I’m always surprised by the way a drill changes just by having some different focus points. That’s one thing I’ve always enjoyed about furthering my education in swimming.  Always learning new things!

I am now able to run a USMS stroke clinic, so look for me to put one on in a few months. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures I took:

Cross-training with Yoga

I’ve signed up to do Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga – to help me get 2018 started right.

It begins just after the new year, but you can start it at any time after that. I’ve done something similar in the past, and I feel like this is a great compliment to pool training and the other dry land that I do.

Gotta stay flexible in the mind and body!

Here’s one my favorite practices – Core Strength Ritual:

She also has a Yoga for Swimmers:

Have fun!


Coach David’s Solo Workout (Dec 2017)

I’m not a fan of the design of this site and I’m still slowing organizing everything – but a post is better than no post!

I’ve started swimming again! I swim after I coach morning practice, so that means I’m by myself.  My current workout is fairly simple and probably definitely a little too much based on feel. It is a predominantly freestyle practice.

Depending on the day and how much playing, rest, drill, and aerobic work I do, it takes about 40 minutes to over an hour. The goal is quality over quantity – haha.

Let me know if you do this workout sometime on your own!

Set 1 – Get Used to the Water

200 Free
200 IM – 25 kick on back / 25 swim

Set 2 – Heart Rate Up

?x25’s freestyle on a :30 second interval.

Note: I pick a goal time to beat.  If I don’t make it, I’ll rest and then resume until I miss again. I move to Set 3 after the second miss.  I haven’t been counting, but I probably do 12-15 total.  Some days my “miss” is more mental than time based; the perils of swimming by yourself.

Set 3 – Recovery

100-300 of mixed kicking and easy swimming.  I’ll play with my snorkel and swim keel.

Set 4 – Drill

?x50 drill and kick – various drills I need to work on or ones I’ve had people do in my practices. I also like to add in dolphin kick here. I’ll do that on my back, side, belly, or with a single arm.

Set 5 – Aerobic

?x50 on 1:00; goal is to hold target time. Right now it’s been around 500 yards total.

Note: Sometimes I do these with :10 seconds of rest between each rep. My target time is slower than the fast 25’s I did earlier. If I feel like it, I’ll pull some of these with my pull buoy and swim keel.

Sometimes this is where I put a longer continuous swim – like a 500.

Set 6 – Play time

1×25 sculling – sideways, forward, backward. About :15 seconds each way.
1×25 some swimming backwards, then sculling on my back feet first.
1×25 dolphin dives – A jump off the bottom of the pool, riding over the surface like the top of a roller coaster, and then returning to the bottom. I, personally, like timing my last dolphin jump with a leap out of the pool!

Repeat  any of the “play time” as necessary 🙂


Site Update

I’m updating this site to be a place for some of my coaching recommendations and experiences.

It may take a little while to get everything up and going, so please be patient.

If you are interested in swimming, check out a team that I coach: https://swimgeorgetown.com

Edit: I’m not a big fan of the design of the theme/design, but I’ll use it while I build out content. It works alright for now.