Coach David’s Solo Workout (Dec 2017)

I’m not a fan of the design of this site and I’m still slowing organizing everything – but a post is better than no post!

I’ve started swimming again! I swim after I coach morning practice, so that means I’m by myself.  My current workout is fairly simple and probably definitely a little too much based on feel. It is a predominantly freestyle practice.

Depending on the day and how much playing, rest, drill, and aerobic work I do, it takes about 40 minutes to over an hour. The goal is quality over quantity – haha.

Let me know if you do this workout sometime on your own!

Set 1 – Get Used to the Water

200 Free
200 IM – 25 kick on back / 25 swim

Set 2 – Heart Rate Up

?x25’s freestyle on a :30 second interval.

Note: I pick a goal time to beat.  If I don’t make it, I’ll rest and then resume until I miss again. I move to Set 3 after the second miss.  I haven’t been counting, but I probably do 12-15 total.  Some days my “miss” is more mental than time based; the perils of swimming by yourself.

Set 3 – Recovery

100-300 of mixed kicking and easy swimming.  I’ll play with my snorkel and swim keel.

Set 4 – Drill

?x50 drill and kick – various drills I need to work on or ones I’ve had people do in my practices. I also like to add in dolphin kick here. I’ll do that on my back, side, belly, or with a single arm.

Set 5 – Aerobic

?x50 on 1:00; goal is to hold target time. Right now it’s been around 500 yards total.

Note: Sometimes I do these with :10 seconds of rest between each rep. My target time is slower than the fast 25’s I did earlier. If I feel like it, I’ll pull some of these with my pull buoy and swim keel.

Sometimes this is where I put a longer continuous swim – like a 500.

Set 6 – Play time

1×25 sculling – sideways, forward, backward. About :15 seconds each way.
1×25 some swimming backwards, then sculling on my back feet first.
1×25 dolphin dives – A jump off the bottom of the pool, riding over the surface like the top of a roller coaster, and then returning to the bottom. I, personally, like timing my last dolphin jump with a leap out of the pool!

Repeat  any of the “play time” as necessary 🙂