2018 Hour Swim

I went 4025 yards in an hour! Wooo!  And apparently my sister knocked my water bottle in at some point… 🤔

As a masters coach I also like to participate in masters events.  Today, I did the 2018 ePostal 1 hour swim.  I somehow managed to get my stretch goal (thanks to my counter) of at least 4000 yards. These events don’t happen without support, so thanks to my sister for the great counting job!

I knew I could maintain the correct pace for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to hang on for the whole hour.  It was challenging and resulted in a substantial improvement from last year – which I swam cold turkey. I didn’t train for it at all last year. This year I’ve been swimming and doing OrangeTheory. I’ll post soon on how my own your own workout evolved.

Here’s my cumulative splits for each 500:

And a picture of me not drowning: