Christmas Fun

I saw a “Twelve Sets of Christmas” and modified it for our Christmas Eve masters practice. Seems like it was well received and I did hear a couple people sing it, haha. The past couple years I’ve done a Christmas Tree thing, but it was time for a change.

Only modifications we made were to have some bonus 25’s to end up back at the correct side of the pool occasionally. The odd distances worked sometimes, but not all – something to adjust for next year.

Here is our set:


Twelve 25’s drilling
Eleven lengths No Stopping
Ten Strokes of Freestyle
Nine Flipper 50’s
Eight Breaths a Breathing
Seven Strokes of Swimming
Six 50’s IM
Five minutes of Kick
Four hundreds a pulling
Three sprints choice
Two Lengths of Scull
And a swim in a stealthy way


300 – vary the drills
275 – choice of stroke/equip
25 – 10 strokes only
450 – free w/fins
50 – breath 8x
25 – 7 strokes of breast or fly
300 – 2x3x50 IM changeover
250? – choice kick
400 – pull or swim w/paddles
75 – 3×25 choice all out
50 – choice of scull
50 stealth ninja

I took a selfie with my light-up Christmas Hat and a light-up Christmas necklace. Only problem was that I was concentrating too much on the selfie 😂

Not Shown: Christmas socks, sweater, and music.