Tough Mudder 2018

Back in May 2018, I completed a full Central Texas Tough Mudder! It was a fun challenge and I would do it again. It was by far the farthest distance I’ve gone for any event – not surprising for someone who was mostly a swimmer, gymnast, and diver.

I think it ended up being around 12 miles, lots of mud, and 20+ obstacles. Some things I learned:

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • The walking and running I did for training worked.
  • My calf sleeve socks worked great. If I do another, I’ll get arm sleeves too.
  • Wide Receiver gloves work great – although I didn’t use them much. And one time I should have used them, I didn’t, haha.
  • My training for monkey bar type (upper body, hanging) obstacles didn’t work.
  • Being prepared with some extra snacks and water was a decent idea.
  • I have no awareness to look at the camera. When I do look, I have no idea what to do, haha.

Here are some pictures of me being muddy: