Wear Swim Caps Like a Swimmer

I see triathletes, kids, and new swimmers wearing swim caps in different ways. I’d like to take a moment and show you the standard way swimmers wear a cap. Once informed, if you choose to be different, more power to you!

Know Your Cap

Most swim caps have a seam. The seam will go down the center of your head.

The Usual Way

The logo is on the side, the seam is down the middle, and it is pulled down smooth over your head. It is your preference on how low over the ears it goes.

Styles to Avoid

The Bubble Head

Notice the floppy bits at the top – while swimming, sometimes the cap rides up and ends up here (or falls off). This cap is just slowly falling off.

The Billboard

Notice the seam on the side of the head. This style is more common with people who haven’t been swimming as much.

The Blind Man

Please don’t cover all of your vision!


If your swim cap has ears or a clever design, then you choose which way you want you want it! Forwards, Sideways, whatever!

In Conclusion

It is your option to wear your swim cap the way you want. There isn’t really a wrong way, but I find that the seam down the middle of the forehead fits better and looks better. It’s the way most swimmers wear their caps.